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Care Management

Care Management

Care management is a client focused process of planning, navigating, coordinating and managing a client’s current and long term care needs — a service provided for seniors who have more complex care needs where multiple services and/or service providers, including Olivetree Home Care Senior Care, are involved in their care.

Not all seniors require care management, but for seniors and families that do, it can make sourcing and managing the various care and service providers for your ageing loved one a much easier and less stressful task.

Olivetree  Home Care  prides itself on being a complete solution provider for the changing needs of seniors. Our Care Managers are solution providers dedicated to assisting clients and ensuring that the holistic needs of each individual client is met, no matter where they are on the care continuum.

Olivetree Home Care  Managers have relationships with and extensive knowledge about costs, quality, access to, and availability of a wide range of different services within your local community, including:

  • Geriatricians/Gerontologists
  • GPs
  • Nursing services
  • Allied health service providers
  • Other specialist medical providers
  • Housing maintenance and modification services
  • Transport services
  • Assistive equipment suppliers
  • Government funded aged care and disability programs and service providers
  • An array of recreational, cultural organisations and resources to provide and engage clients in meaningful activities of personal interest.
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