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Accommodation Tenancy

Why Choose Olive Tree Home Care For Tenancy Services?

Olive Tree Home Care will provide you with safe, comfortable and suitable accommodation. We know how important it is for  people living with disability and the elderly as well as for their family. We will help you in locating affordable private rental or public accommodation through our Tenancy Services as a licensed NDIS provider.

Apart from assisting you in fulfilling your housing objectives, we also offer elderly care and give supportive and high-quality support services to ensure that they live a healthy and happy life regardless of their age. Our property is a place you may call home too.


The Benefits Of Specialist Disability Accommodation Investment

Investment in SDA or specialist disability accommodation investment only addresses a rising community need, but also may be one of the best ‘feel good’ investments you can make in terms of supporting someone way less fortunate than you or your children while growing your income. A win-win-win situation for both!

SDA can bring high returns. The NDIS will cover all participants’ support services and disability accommodations. And you may help governments in addressing the present housing shortages for the most needy in our society. In addition, they assist persons who require specialized disability housing.

Top Accredited NDIS Short Term Accommodation Providers

Enjoy a getaway from your ordinary daily activities at home by visiting a place that can provide you with solace. Olive Tree Home Care provides a perfect place for relaxation. We are one of the dedicated NDIS short term accommodation providers that delivers opportunities to socialize and participate in community programs. You can meet more people and share your experience and feelings with them. Further, they will impart valuable life lessons on you. Our NDIS short term accommodation properties are guaranteed safe, clean and comfortable.

NDIS Supported Accommodation: We Provide Adequate Care To Meet Your Needs

Olive Tree Home Care’s NDIS supported accommodation is for people who have disabilities and the elderly. We provide adequate care to meet their complex needs and live as healthy as possible.

Additionally, through our support accommodation we make a significant impact on the lives of our participants. As we provide them with special assistance and remove them from undesirable living conditions. Olive Tree Home Care is your home away from home.

NDIS Respite Accommodation: You Are At Home With Olive Tree Home Care

Olive Tree Home Care’s NDIS Respite Accommodation provides a healthy and safe environment for your family members to stay for a short period of time. It’s a place where people can make new friends, learn new skills and talents, and engage in group activities.

We will attend to you and your family’s needs, and our NDIS housing will provide you with much-needed assistance and a protected place. You will be treated with respect and compassion. You are at home with Olive Tree Home Care!

We Have The Best Short Accommodation The NDIS Can Offer

Olive Tree Home Care has the best short term accommodation NDIS can provide. As part of your NDIS plan, we can help you improve your current life situation by establishing a comfortable and peaceful environment for you to stay in. All necessary support services will be delivered conveniently at your desired place.

Our professional and caring staff is always available to serve you and ensure that your accommodation is comfortable and meaningful. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We can’t wait to have you as a guest at Olive Tree Home Care.

Get the Right Kind of Support

You and your loved ones deserve the right kind of support and care. Olive Tree Home Care is committed to providing such. Get in touch with us now!